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Freshly baked croissants
Freshly baked croissants Home-made, freshly baked croissant made with real butter, nice and crisp.
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Chocolate croissant or breadCroissant
Chocolate croissant or breadCroissant Chocolate croissant or chocolate bread made from puff pastry and pure chocolate.
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Bagel basketWhite
Bagel basketWhite The best bagels in town fresh from the oven. You may choose from white, brown, sesame, multigrain, dried tomat...
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Rustic bread rollsWhite
Rustic bread rollsWhite A selection of crusty, rustic bread rolls . Freshly baked.
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French and Danish pastries
French and Danish pastries A selection of freshly baked to order breakfast pastries, delightful with a fresh cup of coffee.
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Crepes and country pancakesAmerican
Crepes and country pancakesAmerican You may choose between the thin French pancakes delicious with honey or chocolate spread, or the thick America...
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Soft bread rolls
Soft bread rolls You may choose from a selection of soft bread rolls. Our special recipe makes them stay fresh for hours.
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French loaf
French loaf Long French loaf, freshly baked fresh. Great with any breakfast.
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BaguettesWhite French baguettes perfectly baked, white or wholegrain.
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Sliced breadWhite, Slice
Sliced breadWhite, Slice Fresh sliced bread. You can order per slice or per whole loaf. Perfect for making your own sandwiches or toast...
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Carr's Crackers
Carr's Crackers Carr’s crackers selection. Table water crackers baked in brick ovens or our homemade crunchy crackers, g...
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